Receive a Car from Charity – for FREE!

If you are a needy family or an individual where having a car would make a substantial difference in your life, you
could possibly be eligible to receive a car from a car charity organization or a nonprofit organization.  If so, the car
you will receive will be absolutely free as someone with a heart has already donated it, just for someone like you.

Not having a car sometimes means not getting to work at the best job you possibly can because the bus doesn’t go
that far.  Or if it does go that far, you have to make so many stops and change buses so many times it will take you
hours just to get to work, and the same number of hours to get back.  Plus sometimes public transportation can be
dangerous, especially for women and children.  You really do have to be careful.

Not having a car also means something as simple as going to the grocery store can be quite a feat.  Not to mention
trying to make doctor’s visits or staying up with case worker visits or being able to go get your public assistance aid.  
Receiving a car from charity can actually change your daily life to such an unbelievable degree, you may just be
shocked.  You’ll think you stepped into someone else’s life.

The best part?  If you qualify, you don’t have to purchase the car.  It will be donated to you absolutely free.  Free is
something we can all use, but especially those in need.

General Qualifications to Receive a Car from Charity
•The working poor who just can’t make ends meet
•Victims of natural disaster
•Those with medical needs that limit work abilities
•Domestic violence victims rebuilding their lives
•Families or individuals living in transitional housing
•Struggling military families
•Those transitioning from public assistance back into the work force or into the work force for the first time
•Nonprofit Organizations offering donated cars to their clients

There are some other circumstances that also qualify you to be able to receive a car from charity, so just check your
local car donation center or local nonprofit organization and simply apply.  A few good sources to start with are:

How to Apply

Each car donation center and nonprofit organization is a little different, so be sure to ask the specific center or
nonprofit you are attempting to work with for their qualifications and requirements to receive a car from charity.  As a
general guideline:
•Most centers and nonprofits have specific paper applications to be filled out
•Some centers and nonprofits accept plea letters
•Some centers and nonprofits have online applications
•If you are a caseworker attempting to apply for a client, you may be required to fill out a separate application has a social platform where you can join and vote for people in need of a car you
support in their efforts to get a free car from charity

There is help out there for you and light at the end of the tunnel.  Life will get better.  Take the first step now.  All you
have to do is be eligible to receive a car from charity and take the necessary steps to apply.  We wish you the best!

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