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Helping you find easy cash, free housing, autos, cell phones, food stamps, and coupons
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This website belongs to BrightLove.org
A faith based Organization of HELP for the
needy and unemployed through
Jesus Christ
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Our web site was created to help people rich and poor find
emergency cash, free housing, free autos, free cell phones, food
stamps, all of your favorite coupons, free education, and free medical

BrightLove.org is a faith based organization of HELP for the needy  
and unemployed through Jesus Christ.

We are here to help spread the word about some different resources and ideas you may not be familiar
with.  Our primary mission is to find, collect, and authenticate resources that can help you survive so
you can make due until the economy and your situation gets better.      
BrightLove.org is for everyone both rich or poor and is a terrific free public service website that
explains and brings federal, state, and private services and benefits together to help you and your
family.  This is a completely free informational website for the public that never asks for any money or
your charge card.  Again, this is completely free.  This site tells you how anyone can get free housing,
emergency cash, a free charity car, a free cell phone, how to apply for food stamps, how to get free
education, and free medical service.  This site also has one of if not the largest coupon sites on the
Internet, plus a section of articles on how you can save money on just about anything.  All in all, this
site can save you and your family thousands of dollars each year. This is our answer to the out poring
of request for both cash and services to individuals and families during our bad economy.  We have
gotten flooded with request for cash.  If you’re in need of cash, you may want to check out the cash tab
on the website.  The cash tab on the website was put together by a project manager and team of people
from our church who spent over 18 months joining and checking out many of the websites on the
Internet that claimed you could earn money online.  They found the best of the best online survey and
cash sites and have presented reviews for you to read and try.  Each of these sites delivered as
promised and also paid in a timely fashion.  Since our requests for cash is limited, this cash part of the
website should be a blessing and will truly help anyone needing cash.  One word of caution is needed
though.  Our staff found that many of the sites were pleasantly addictive because they were so much
fun to take part in and play.  These sites credited you for doing things such as taking surveys, playing
fun and exciting games, trying new products that you get to keep after you have tried them.  You can
even get paid to listen to the radio and can also get paid to watch short 30-second videos!  This is a real
part time job, so to make the cash you need, you should join all ten recommended sites we have on the
cash site.  Be sure to check you inbox and bulk mail for a confirmation email you need to click on after
you join.  These free sites we have listed do not sell your name nor will they spam you anytime.  Again
this is the best of the best sites if you’re wanting to make money online.
Be sure to check out all the benefits and services we have on the website.  If you spend some time here
and take advantage of the things we have listed, you should be able to earn some much needed cash as
well as save additional funds on many of the available services offered by the federal government, state,
and private sector.                  
Please give this page and the other options and ideas on this website some thought.  This site was
developed to give you a helping hand with ways of saving money on a variety of every day needs.  We
will always be here to help in any way we can.  Have fun exploring our wonderful web site dedicated at
helping people just like you!  We care and truly wish you and your family the very best in life.  If you
ever have any questions, you can email us at www.brightlove7777@yahoo.com.  God Bless everyone  
and have a beautiful day!  
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If you take advantage of the
free services we have listed
here and if you join and spend
some time on the survey and
cash sites located on the cash
tab, you too can experience a
love of life and happiness you
never thought existed.  God
Bless Everyone!
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Home      Cash Assistance      Free Housing    Free Autos      Free Cell Phone      Food Stamps     
Coupons      Free Education      Articles      Syndication articles     Medical Service           
Home      Cash Assistance      Free Housing    Free Autos      Free Cell Phone      Food Stamps     
Coupons      Free Education      Articles      Syndication articles     Medical Service           
You can get a PAYMENT from this site without ever using a credit card or  spending a single DIME! Click here to learn more!
You can get a PAYMENT from this site without ever using a credit card or  spending a single DIME! Click here to learn more!
We are all a part of God's heart and God's  LOVE!
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